CashMax Credit Pte Ltd

About Us

About your No. 1 Singapore Credit Company, CashMax Credit Pte Ltd is a licensed moneylending firm based in Singapore since 2011. Our company offers services to anyone who is currently in need of a loan, no matter what type. We take pride in our ability to satisfy our customers, and we will definitely continue to bring our focus to taking care of our clients. As your choice of licensed moneylending company, we are focused on being able to give the customers the finances that are necessary for their situations.

We offer people services that they will definitely be happy with. Our first concern is the customer, so we offer you the most efficient processes and offers for whatever it may be that you need.

About our Loan Services

CashMax offers a number of different types of loans, such as personal loan, SME business loan, and foreigner loan. These loans are offered to any customer so that everyone has the ability to choose the best loan for them. We have diligent loan specialists who will help you accomplish your loan application, and assist you in all of the processes necessary for the loans.

We make sure that all of our focus is on you. Our interests lay where all of our customers are happy, and so we do our best to give you what you want. Some of our services offer instant cash options for those who need funds for emergency means. We have people who are ready and willing to take care of you should you choose to ask for our help. We offer you the most reasonable prices for you to be able ask for what you need.

CashMax does our best to put the customer first. We have a number of different services to offer for every type of Singaporean resident and professional. We are a company out to make your transactions easy and rewarding. Get in touch with CashMax at your earliest convenience!