Data Protection Policy

Disclosures to, and consents by, the applicant(s):

1. Consent to the use of my personal information to make an application for the credit facility.

By applying or during the process of applying to CashMax Credit Pte Ltd, I am or will be providing personal information about me to CashMax Credit Pte Ltd. I acknowledge that this personal information CashMax Credit Pte Ltd collects about me (“my personal information”) will be used for the credit facility. I acknowledge that where such an application is made to CashMax Credit Pte Ltd, CashMax Credit Pte Ltd will use my personal information to enable it to assess my application for a credit facility.

2. Consents to additional uses of my personal information.

I consent to CashMax Credit Pte Ltd using or disclosing my personal information for the following additional purposes:

  • Performing administrative tasks;
  • Providing services to me in relation to this or other products or services;
  • Update on products or services of CashMax Credit Pte Ltd
  • Performing risk assessment
  • Fraud and crime prevention;
  • Keeping guarantors informed about the status of the credit facility;
  • Complying with legislative and regulatory requirements; and
  • Building and maintaining relationships with me, including the resolution of any disputes.

3. Disclosures of my personal information. I understand that CashMax Credit Pte Ltd may disclose my personal information to:

  • Credit reporting agencies
  • Service providers (including delivery companies, mail houses and debt collectors);
  • Guarantors or prospective guarantors of my obligations under my credit facility (including for the purpose of helping that person to assess whether to act as my guarantor);
  • Banks and other organisations through whom I choose to make payments to CashMax Credit Pte Ltd; and other entities to whom CashMax Credit Pte Ltd is required by law, or authorised by me, to disclose my personal information.

Any further clarifications, please contact our DPO at 6293 8870 or email at